Scentence 360 by M³, depicts the creator's desire to be a 'painter of great scents'. Our UNISEX fragrance is a symbol of aesthetic scent. If a brand communicates sensation, its distinct quality is not felt but experienced.M³ Scentence 360 possesses well-coordinated notes which expresses modernity. We aim at giving a mysterious smell; we solidly believe “A scent is a signature”From the top note to the base note depicts secret characteristics which maps to the perception, Mystery, modern mark.

Top note → Mystery (Oud , white cedar wood ), emits a balsamic smell.

Heart note→ Modern ( Negarmotha, Patchouli, leather). The leathery heart emits a warm smoky smell that soothing the immediate surroundings.

Base note → Mark (Sandalwood, amber wood, Tonka bean and Vanilla).The wood notes expresses a mysterious but exotic and elegant aroma, which gives an outstanding feeling.