Rescent man has divesrse recognisable scents, but surely it is not the one you are thinkg of, that makes the scent emits unique and a puzzling  dazzle scent. It starts nice and big in the top notes with delicious incense. Just incense, without the smoky tune to it. The undeniable touch of oriental scent is a distinct character of Rescent Man. In the heart of the fragrance,where magic happens it emits this potent woody but warmth scent. Woody, just like freshly sharpened pencils by your favorite teacher. This freshly sharpened pencil woody scent goes together with a great balsamic-like rose.  That little bit of skanky gives the heart a slightly more masculine edge. Then comes the base: there it is warm with amber with sandalwood and musk, making it slightly spicy and pleasantly pleasant.