"When a person's love and passion for good scents remain part of them over decades, the desire that leads to the acquisition of knowledge pertaining to great scents become a drive. With working experience as a Sales Associate for Abercrombie & Fitch (Amsterdam), he realized that most customers come over to the shop, just to experience the great scent ambiance that the shopping environment emits.

Dan Mark's passion for scents is the reason behind his frequent visits to Grasse( France) to experience new scents and the development that comes with scent creation. He stated," Give me a short break and you will find me in Grasse again". In order to acquire insights and to understand the deeper secrets of scent creation, he took private courses in The Art of perfumery

"If a bottle can contain a scent that leaves a memory forever, then it is not just a bottle, but a great wall that guards a suitcase of memories", he always says. Dan  Mark has a deeper way of expressing an idea which if well understood, keeps a smile on the mind.

When he met Claudine Roublot, who has a thorough experience in the creation of scents for “some of the finest and most respected brands in the world” during one of his visits to France (Grasse), he highlighted his immense interest in creating a brand that speaks uniqueness as a language.


This was a spark of a newly formed “Idea-ship” which has become the signature of Mystery, modern mark.

He highlighted "if you are associated with distinctiveness, you are not hard to find".


The quality of understanding diverse cultures, which he values so much, has been as result of his years of travelling and working around the globe.

He honestly said “I am not a fashion icon as so many other starters of brands, but what I know is I like to dress good and smell heavenly, because I am what I stand for”.

'Before a scent takes its significant spot, the creator's checklist weighs more than most novels we might read in a lifetime.

The truth is a masterpiece needs time to nurture and to manifest.

The art of perfumery is a distinct ideology that expresses every 'painters' love for uniqueness. Always express quality, but do take a significant spot by choosing 'uniqueness' .

-Dan Mark.


Mystery, modern mark.



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